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Welcome to the East Midlands Area of the Motor Caravan Section, we cover Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and now members from the Peterborough area. We are a friendly bunch of Motor Caravanner’s who like to get together at the weekends and relax in our lovely countryside. Please come out and join us for a weekend, we are sure you will enjoy it and make lots of new friends.

We hold meets in areas as diverse as Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire. 


Committee Details


Committee of East Midlands MCS 2019 - 2020



John Taylor 

email – johnfftaylor@aol.com


Vice Chairman and Entertainment Officer

Ian Bott 

Email -ianbott@btinternet.com



Janette Bott 

Email -janbott@btinternet.com



Doreen Whitaker 

email - martinwhitakerj@gmail.com


Deputy Treasurer

Barry Bartlett 

Email - bazbartlett@gmail.com 


Sites Officers

Sue and Colin Chester 

email – suecolin@sky.com


Rep to Central Counties

Linda Cooper 

email - lindacooper100@icloud.com


Appointed MCS National Councillor

Bill Cooper 

email - billcooper60@outlook.com


Public Relations Officer

Sue Chester 

email – suecolin@sky.com


Regalia Officer

Diane Fowler 

email – dafadr@ntlworld.com


Catering Officer

Glynne Wildbore  

Email- glynnedenise@live.co.uk


Audio/visual Officer and Equipment and Inventory Officer and internet site

Dave Fowler 

email – dafadr@ntlworld.com


Non committee member

Website manager

Elizabeth Smith 27302

Email - sensiblesmith@virginmedia.com


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List of Meetings

For more details please refer to our website - www.eastmidlandsmcs.co.uk

For further information contact our Sites Officer Sue and Colin Chester 07375115619.







03 May-06 May 2019

May Day Bank weekend. Shardlow Marina. £9.50pn. Stewards Glynne and Denise 07850 733050.

London Road, Shardlow, Derbyshire, DE72 2GL

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24 May-27 May 2019

MCS National and AGM in Bready Cricket Club, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. See Waggoners Talk for booking form.

7 Mason Road, Londonderry, BT4 72RX

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14 Jun-17 Jun 2019

Holding Stables, Stratford Upon Avon. PUN £9. Stewards Chris and Stan. 07763129167.

Wilmcote, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9XX

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27 Jun-30 Jun 2019

Stoke Bruerne rally field. PUN £10.50. Colin Chester and Barry L. 07375 115619

Stoke Bruerne, Towcester NN12 7SY

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12 Jul-14 Jul 2019

Jubilee Fields, Normanton on Soar. PUN £12. STEWARDS - Richard and Maria. 07989756705

Normanton on Soar, LE12 5HB

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26 Jul-28 Jul 2019

Smeaton Lakes, Newark. PUN £10.50. http://www.smeatonslakes.co.uk. STEWARDS - TBC

Newark, NG23 6ED

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09 Aug-11 Aug 2019

Lyndon Top, Rutland Water. PUN £8.50. http://www.lyndontop.com STEWARDS - TBC

Rutland Water, Oakham, LE15 8RN

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22 Aug-08 Sep 2019

East Midlands MCS THS. Batemans Brewery, Wainfleet. At a great location. On a bus route to Skegness and Boston. PUN £10. Sue and Colin Chester and John and Barbara Taylor. 07375 115619

Wainfleet, Nr Skegness, PE24 4JE

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13 Sep-15 Sep 2019

Tilstock Village Hall. Invite from Midlands MCS. http://www.waggonerstalk.co.uk/areas-groups/view/midland-area OR Out and About.

Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 3JL

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11 Oct-13 Oct 2019

Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre. PUN £10.50. Stewards TBC

Loughborough Road, Leicester, LE4 5PN

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25 Oct-27 Oct 2019

Poppy Appeal weekend at Collingham Cricket Club. PUN £8.50. STEWARDS - Barry and Doddie Bartlett. 07453 864464

Dale Field, Collingham, Nr Newark, NG23 7LJ

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15 Nov-17 Nov 2019

South End Junior School, Rushden, Northants. PUN £8.50.

Rushden, Northants, NN10 9JU

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29 Nov-01 Dec 2019

Christmas Meet. Copt Oak Memorial Hall. PUN TBC. This is a BOOKED MEET. STEWARDS - Glynne and Denise Wildbore. 07850 733050

Whitwick Road, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9QB

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30 Dec-02 Jan 2020

New Year Meet at Hose Village Hall. PUN TBC. This is a BOOKED MEET. STEWARDS - Glynne and Denise Wildbore. 07850 733050

Harby Lane, Hose, Nr Melton Mowbray, LE14 4JR

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Meeting Minutes

The Camping and Caravanning Club

East Midlands Area of the Motor Caravan Section
Minutes of the committee meeting held at Shardlow Marina Derbys on Saturday
5th May 2018 at 10.00am

18/18 Members present

Linda Cooper, Chairman and Appointed CC Reg Councillor. John Taylor, Vice Chairman and PRO. Bob Ford, Secretary. Doreen Whitaker, Treasurer. Sue and Colin Chester, Joint Sites Officers. Bill Cooper, Appointed MCS Councillor. Dave Fowler, Audio Equipment Officer. Diane Fowler, Catering Officer. Pat Presland, Regalia Officer. Steph Presland Inventory Officer.

19/18 Apologies for absence Full committee present

20/18 Chairman's welcome and report .

Linda welcomed and thanked everyone for attending the meeting, and reported that there were 65 units on site for the meet.

21/18 Minutes of the last meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held at Hose village hall on Saturday 10th March 2018 at 4.30pm had already been received and read by the committee members. The Minutes were approved as a true record. Proposed by Pat Presland and Seconded by Colin Chester. Accepted unanimously.

22/18 Matters arising

John Taylor proposed that the term Chairperson will not to be used but revert to Chairman irrespective of gender of Chairman. Seconded by Bob Ford. Unanimously accepted.

23/18 Treasurer's report and Statement of accounts

As you can see from Q1 Balance Sheet, dated 31/03/18, we are in a good financial position. The Charity fund stands at £77.36. Since the end of April I have authorised payment of our 2017 V.A.T. Liability from our HQ Deposit Account. This was £877.00. Although we have enough in our Current Account I did not want to be short in the Bank when paying for the 40th Anniversary meet. We now have 47 bookings amounting to £1375.00.The Rugby club is V.A.T. Registered so we shall be able to claim it back on site fees, hall hire, and buffet. I hope this report meets with your approval. Doreen Whitaker (Treasurer )

The Treasurer's report was proposed for acceptance by Dave Fowler and seconded by Bill Cooper. It was unanimously accepted by the committee.

Current Assets

Cash in Hand
Bank Account Balance HQ Account Balance

Current Liabilities

VAT Liabilities B/F previous year Output VAT (Receipts)
Input VAT (Payments)

Plus Less

£877.00 £487.51 £9.60

£13. 38 £2,114.25 £7,994.46




£8,717.02 £1,405.07 £1,354.91 £8,767.18

Balance Sheet – Q1 Balances at 31/03/18

page2image8336 page2image8496 page2image8656 page2image8816

Total of balances B/F from previous year
Surplus (Income less expenditure less balance B/F) Less liabilities

24/18 Correspondence and Green Papers.

page2image10648 page2image10808

The Secretary, Bob Ford, presented the correspondence received and sent since the last committee meeting on the 10th March 2018. A copy is attached for those of you who were not at the last meeting. There was only 2 Green papers received during that period.

The Green paper received was:
GP 1.15 (Ver1) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) GP 1.16 (Ver 1) Data Protection Requirements

25/18 Sites Officers' report.

The Sites Officer, Sue Chester, passed around the meeting a list of sites booked so far for 2019. including four new ones.
14th-16th June The Holding Stables, Stratford upon Avon
12th-14th July Jubilee Fields. Normanton on Soar

26th-28th July Smeaton Lakes Newark upon Trent 9th -11th August Lyndon Top Rutland Water

The meeting on 12th -14th July at Normanton on Soar. It was decided to use the tent rather than pay £100/day for hall. It was suggested that we

use the tent during the Summer months. Sue and Colin Chester. 26/18 PRO's report.

John Taylor sent a copy of the report to committee members before the meeting as an email. I have attach a copy appendix 1.

27/18 Regalia Officer's report.
Pat Presland had nothing to report since the last meeting.

28/18 Appointed Councillor to the MCS report.

The Deputy Membership Secretary of the MCS gave a report on the new Areas proposed in the covering of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the future. Most people seemed to like the idea and the vote went 9 to 3 in favour with 4 abstentions. I realised that the DMS had done a good job in difficult circumstances, but I voted against the proposal saying that it was impossible for East Midlands Area to rally in the allocated Area due to distance and road network. However, I did say that in future we may put on a THS in Norfolk or Suffolk.

There are new Camping and Caravanning Club T shirts available in Bottle Green. All sizes available at £11.50 each.
2019 National AGM and Rally in Northern Ireland will be held at Bready Cricket Club. Londonderry from
24th May - 27th May. There will be trips to Londonderry and to the Giant's Causeway. There will be a follow on meet at Port Stewart which opens on the 27th May. Bill Cooper.

29/18 Appointed Councillor to the Central Counties Region.

Linda informed us there was nothing to report as there had not been a meeting of the CCR since our last committee meeting.

30/18 Update on arrangements for the 40th Anniversary meet 2018.

The cost of the buffet will be 6.00 per head. Menu seen by committee and agreed. Everyone involved is aware of their duties. Bus timetables to be distributed in the “goody bags”.

31/18 AOB

Compendium of games has been added to the inventory by Steph Presland.

32/18 Date, time and venue of next meeting
29th June 2018 10.00am at Hinkley Rugby Club 40th Anniversary. Committee members can arrive on the Thursday afternoon.

33/18 End of meeting.
The meeting closed at 11.00am. 

Upcoming Tours


  • The Tours organised for us by Travel Services for 2018 were very well attended, and we now have the dates for 2019 - so click on the Link and take a look - the Ireland Tour next year starts following our National Meet in Northern Ireland, so if you are joining us for this event, you may wish to join the Ireland Tour so that you get to discover more of this beautiful country
  • Springtime in Holland - 7th - 17th April 2019
  • Tour of Ireland- 28th May - 19th June 2019
  • Rhine & Moselle - 5th - 21st September 2019

Holidays & Events


Our Areas & Groups host Holiday Meets all over the country and Special Events. 



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