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Welcome to the East Midlands Area of the Motor Caravan Section, we cover Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and now members from the Peterborough area. We are a friendly bunch of Motor Caravanner’s who like to get together at the weekends and relax in our lovely countryside. Please come out and join us for a weekend, we are sure you will enjoy it and make lots of new friends.

We hold meets in areas as diverse as Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire. Recently certain CV (Coventry) and Mid Shires have joined East Midlands so we hope to extend our areas of meets to cover those areas.

Committee Details


Chairman and Rep to Central Counties

Linda Cooper 

01530 262396.  Mob 07983706465

email - lindacooper100@icloud.com


Vice Chairman & PRO

John Taylor

01164 299708.  Mob 07719 657056

email – johnfftaylor@aol.com



Bob Ford

 01778 346288 or 007810704739

email - rf45239@gmail.com



Doreen Whitaker

01827 873105.  Mob 07976 716988

email - martinwhitakerj@gmail.com


Sites Officers

Colin and Sue Chester

Mob 07375 115619

email - suecolin@sky.com


Regalia and Equipment Officers

Pat and Steph Presland

​01246 239431. Mob 07900 396160

​email - patandsteph@supanet.com


Appointed National Council Officer

Bill Cooper 

01530 262396 or 07983706465

Email As Linda


Catering Officer

Diane Fowler

01159 537063. Mob 07948 383273

email as Dave Fowler


Audio/Visual Officer

Dave Fowler

01159 537063. Mob 07971 318564

email – dafadr@ntlworld.com



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List of Meetings

For more details please refer to our website - www.eastmidlandsmcs.co.uk

For further information contact our Sites Officer Sue and Colin Chester 07375115619.






12 Jul-15 Jul 2018

Market Bosworth RFC. Stewards - Eddie and Sue Croft. 07980 454283. £9.50pn. Meet opens 1pm on Thursday. Bring and share Saturday night. Boules competition?

Market Bosworth RFC, Cadeby Lane Market Bosworth Warwickshire CV13 0BA

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27 Jul-29 Jul 2018

MEET at Hatton Country World. Stewards - Glynne and Denise Wildbore. 07850 733050. £10.50pn

Cadeby Lane Market Bosworth Warwickshire CV13 0BA

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03 Aug-07 Aug 2018

MEET at Stafford Boat Club. Invitation from Midlands MCS

Stafford Boat Club, Maple Wood, Stafford ST17 4SG

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09 Aug-12 Aug 2018

Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire. Stewards - Jean and Terry Johnson. 07960 686667. £10.50pn. A free and easy weekend to enjoy Stoke Bruerne canal.

Stoke Bruerne, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 7SY

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22 Aug-09 Sep 2018

THS at a great location. On a bus route to Skegness and Boston. £9pn. Stewards - Linda and Bill Cooper & John and Barbara Taylor. 07983 706465. £9pn

Salem Bridge Brewery, Mill Lane, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, PE24 4JE

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14 Sep-16 Sep 2018

Invitation to Midland MCS. The Holding Stables, Wilmcote. Stewards - Stan and Chris. 07763 129167. £9pn

Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote, Stratford-Upon-Avon. CV37 9XX

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28 Sep-30 Sep 2018

MEET at Moira Miners Welfare Club. Stewards - Bob and Margaret Ford. 07810 704739. £10pn

Bath Yard, Bath Lane, Moira, Swadlincote, DE12 6HL

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19 Oct-21 Oct 2018

World Conker Championship and Poppy Appeal weekend at Collingham Cricket Club. Stewards - Barry and Doddie Bartlett. 07453 864464. £8.50pn.

Dale Field Collingham Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG23 7LJ

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22 Nov-25 Nov 2018

MEET at Barnstones Caravan Park. Stewards - Val and Tony Spencer. 07711731814. £14pn inc EHU. H/S and bus into Banbury.

Main Street, Banbury OX17 1QU

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30 Nov-02 Dec 2018

BOOKED FESTIVE MEET at Copt Oak Memorial Hall. Stewards - Glynne and Denise Wildbore. 07850 733050. £8.50pn

Copt Oak, Whitwick Road, Markfeild, Leicester LE67 9QB

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30 Dec-02 Jan 2018

BOOKED NEW YEAR MEET at Hose Village Hall. Stewards Glynne and Denise. 07850 733050. Cost TBC. H/S. Sue Chester will take bookings.

Harby Lane, Melton Mowbray LE14 4JR

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Meeting Minutes

The Camping and Caravanning Club

Motor Caravan Section

East Midlands Area


Minutes of the committee meeting held at

The Blue Lias Inn on Sunday 9th July 2017 at 10.00am.


24/17 Members present. Linda Cooper, Chairman. John Taylor, Vice Chairman    and PRO. Secretary, Bob Ford. Treasurer, Doreen Whitaker. Sue and Colin    Chester, Site Secretaries. Bill Cooper, App MCS National Councillor.


25/17 Apologies for absence. Dave and Diane Fowler. Pat and Steph Presland.


26/17 Chairman's welcome.


         Linda welcomed everyone at the meeting and thanked them for        attending.


27/17 Minutes of the meeting held at Shardlow Marina, Derbys on the 30th         April 2017.

         The Minutes were approved as a true record, and were signed by the       Chairman.

28/17 Matters arising. None.


29/17 Treasurer's Report and Accounts.

          Doreen Whitaker presented the   Balance Sheet for Q2 2017.


         Current Assets


         Cash in Hand                                                             £49.93

         Bank Account Balance                                               £1,323.97

         HQ Account Balance                                                  £6,902.62



         Current Liabilities


         VAT Liability B/F previous year       £0.00

         Output VAT (receipts)           plus   £659.13

         Input VAT (payments)           less   £231.02




         Total of balances B/F from previous year                           £8,516.11

         Surplus (income less expenditure less balance B/F  -£239.59

         Less liabilities                                                           £428.11



         There being no questions regarding the accounts they were accepted       unanimously and were signed by Linda Cooper,Chairman.


         The Chairman proposed that Martin Whitaker, MCS Chairman, be      reimbursed for the fuel expenses he incurred whilst travelling to Royston,      Herts. to pick up the tent purchased from the North London and Eastern          Area  Bill Cooper seconded and the meeting agreed unanimously.


30/17 Correspondence including Green papers.


         The Secretary, Bob Ford presented the correspondence received and        sent since the last committee meeting at Shardlow Marina.


         A copy of all correspondence is attached to the minutes for reference.       The Green papers received were as follows.


         GP 1.3(v 11) Cut off date for publication of 2018 AGM notices in Out and                        About.

         GP 1.8(v 4) National Events Diary.

         GP 2.2(v 9) Voluntary Officers Expenses.

         GP 3.6(v 4) National County Care Officers.


31/17 Site Officers' Report. Sue and Colin Chester presented an on going list of

         meets for next year, 2018. It is about 75% complete. What we will need   is members to come forward for stewarding. If each couple in the East   Midlands Area volunteers, it will not be left to some members stewarding          more than one meet. This year some members have finished up        stewarding several meets, and it's not fair on them.

          Doreen has offered to check out the parking at Nether Whitacre as the    parking area has been reduced.

         Sue and Colin said they would check out Hayes Farm at Newstead Notts. For 14th - 17th June.

         The Secretary was asked to contact HQ about the Sites Officers        address     in Out and About. The previous Sites Officer's address is still being shown      even though the new Sites Officers' address was sent to HQ soon after          the 2017 AGM.


32/17 PRO Report. John Taylor, Vice Chairman and PRO presented the following          report.

         3rd May. Organised collecting boxes and leaflets for the Air Ambulance.

         23rd  -24th  May. Sent reports and photos to Bryan Giles, Waggoner's Talk,          on Uttoxeter, Collingham, Shardlow, Wilmcote and charity bike ride.

         Waggoners' Talk magazine editor is looking for more articles on own         camping experiences at home or away. There was a request for the        Section articles to include more about what is going to happen at future          meets and less about what has happened at previous meets. This is         difficult as we do not decide what we are doing until nearer the event.   As stated by Bill, advertising was discussed as there is now a shortfall in   the costs of the magazine and suggested that we try and get local         dealers/suppliers to advertise therein. New members meets should be          encouraged. Welcome letters to new members are being sent out by        Colin Lang.

         I have had notification from Catherine Hodson that there have been 15     new members added to our list in May and June bringing our total to 633         members in the Area.

         31st May Sad to report Eric Waterfield has passed on to higher ground.

         4th July. Sent Ann's report on Hayes Farm to Liz. Sent Charity Bike Ride      report and photos to Loros who replied on 5th. Sent email to everyone ref        Blue Lias. Came back from two recipients as undeliverable. Ie Tom          Morley and Elizabeth Walace.


33/17 Regalia Officer's Report.

         Pat Presland, our Regalia Officer was absent and so Doreen Whitaker       kindly deputised. Doreen informed the meeting that there are several      black fleeces that have been in stock for over two years, and it was          suggested that they can be sold off for £15.00 instead of £22.50.     Proposed by Linda Cooper and Seconded by Sue Chester. Doreen also     said that if members purchase their own new fleeces from a retailer she    has the details of how to have the EM Logo put on the fleece for    £6.00.


34/17Appointed MCS National Councillor's Report. Bill Cooper, our     representative on the MCS Council presented the following report.


         Our new Chairman of the MCS is Martin Whitaker. There was a query         regarding the appointment of the new Vice Chairman. This will be    resolved at the next council meeting in October. We can now run rallies     when there is a section council meeting, but not when it is the MCS AGM.

         There were 175 members at the AGM meeting at Chepstow.


35/17 Central Counties Representatives report. Linda Cooper our Chairman is   our representative and presented this report. Bill and I attended the       Central Counties meet at Kineton and helped with the tea and booking in.          Next year is the turn of Birmingham DA and they would like us to tell          our    members about this event. We were reminded to keep to the “6 Metre Rule” at all meetings as this is a Camping and Caravanning Club      rule.


36/17 AOB.

         40th Anniversary Celebrations. 29th June - 1st July 2018.


         1 It was proposed by John Taylor and seconded by Sue Chester that         Linda Cooper will continue as Chairman for an extra year so that she is       Chairman for the 40th Anniversary Celebrations in 2018. Linda said she          was happy to continue for a further year.

         2  Sue proposed we have a cake made specially for the occasion with        green wording.

         3 John said he would look into providing pitch markers for the parking       area.

         4 Bill suggested that we advertise it in Waggoner's Talk.

Upcoming Tours


For 2018 Travel Services have arranged the following tours, Springtime in Holland and a Tour of Ireland are very popular tours, so if you feel like a holiday abroad or exploring Ireland click on the links below.  The Rhine & Moselle Tour was a new tour put in 2017 and has been arranged again for this year, so for further information click on the link.

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Our Areas & Groups host Holiday Meets all over the country and Special Events. 




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